Educata provides unique off-campus student accommodation throughout South Africa. Years of experience in this field has equipped the team with an excellent understanding of the student lifestyle. Our accommodation facilities are in close proximity of university locations and each facility also features a dedicated team of resident head and student leaders, allowing students access to support and relationships.

Educata is the student accommodation arm of Lutoria Investments which was incorporated in the Smit Group in 2004 and specialises in residential and commercial property development. Educata focuses on student housing around South Africa with their first student housing project, Nooitgedacht Block B in Stellenbosch, being completed in 2007. Subsequently, Nooitgedacht Block A and C were also completed as Live and Learn student accommodation facilities accredited and recommended as preferred off-campus accommodation by the University of Stellenbosch.

Two accommodation facilities have been constructed for Heimat and Amelia residences in Universitas, Bloemfontein and Educata is in the process of expanding to various campuses in the near future.

Johan Smit, the CEO of Smit-Group trading as Lutoria Investments, and Yolande Minnaar-Smit, the Managing Director of Smit-Group, are both actively involved in Lutoria Investments, and indeed, every development that Lutoria undertakes. Their passion for property development, can be seen in their dedicated participation in Lutoria Investments and property development since 2004.


The Experience

Educata presents students with a unique Live and Learn experience that is a combination of university accreditation and off-campus living in self-contained flats (called clusters) in a residence set-up. Students are placed together according to study directions which creates an environment that is conducive to studying. Situated in prime locations within close proximity to various universities around South Africa, Educata accommodation allows students to experience the student life whilst maintaining their own privacy, freedom and day-to-day preferences. All our properties have high profile security and access control.


We realize that sending your child to university can be daunting; we have therefore answered various questions that we are frequently asked, but rest assured that Educata’s management and specific Block leaders are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All our facilities feature high-profile security, secure key entry and Wi-Fi access. Stellenbosch accommodation includes convenient weekday shuttle services as well as a partnership with other transport providers for safe and affordable travel at night and over weekends (Stellenbosch only).

All this allows residents to fully experience the student lifestyle whilst knowing that their safety is made a top priority.