It is a great privilege to introduce Amelia as a private ladies’ residence. Founded in 2011, Amelia is named after the famous airplane pilot and star Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic on a solo flight and show the world what is possible.

Integrity and pride are at the heart of our residence, which is why we strive for unity and love between all. Every lady is treated with respect and made to feel at home with us as soon as possible. We will help you strike a balance between academia, sports and social activities, as well as encourage you to join in with everything we offer.

We are a totally student-focused group, and want our students to thoroughly enjoy everything on campus and at our residence’s events.

The Educata Group believes that rules and discipline are part of a healthy residence and student life, which will benefit you in your future. Our management team has many years of experience managing residences, on and off campus. We are therefore committed to ensuring the Amelia residents uphold our values to prevent any disruptions during the academic year.

Our basic idea is simple. We want a resident who is well balanced across the whole spectrum of student life: academia, sports, culture and a healthy spiritual lifestyle. We really want you to complete your studies in the prescribed time, but without missing out on the pleasures of being a student.

Amelia has its own emblem, motto and colours, which residents are expected to wear proudly during certain times.


The Amelia student residence is located approximately 150m south from the University of the Free State, next to the Faculty of Medicine. Students can enjoy a garden on the ground floor, as well as numerous relaxation areas within the residence. There is limited parking available, open and sheltered (senior ladies get preference of the sheltered bays).

There are multiple floors within the residence dedicated to sleeping, eating and recreational purposes. Floors one to five each have 6 multi-room units called clusters. The clusters on floors one and two offer 6 private rooms with bathrooms (shower and toilet), as well as a communal kitchen and recreation area. Floors three, four and five have clusters of 8 private rooms, 2 bathrooms (shower and toilet), a communal kitchen and relaxation area. Floor six has a relaxation area with braai and laundry facilities.

Each room is equipped with a single bed, cream curtains, desk with a chair, bookshelf, and wardrobe. Water and the twice-weekly cleaning of communal areas are included in the rental rate. Students will need to budget for electricity (about R100 each per month), as there are prepaid power meters in each cluster.


Ensuring the safety of our Amelia residents is a top priority, and we have therefore implemented the following security measures:

Electric fencing

24-hour security with armed response

CCTV monitoring

Various biometric access points to the premises for residents

Motor gate controlled by smartphone app

Full-time, on-site Head of House

Guests need to sign in at security

No visitor vehicles are allowed on-site
















*Additional Charge Applies


Academia comes first, but we encourage all our residents to participate in sport, cultural and social activities on campus as much as possible. Residence spirit and cohesion are also very important to us. This leads to the development of a well-balanced human being, one who can make a difference later on their life and in their career.

On-campus Social Activities:

Annual Flight Day (Pedal Car Construction)


Team Sports:




Cross country



Informal and formal house functions 

Weekly house meetings

Yearly Mother and Daughter Weekend

Amelia Week (seniors and freshmen)

Lily Week (freshman)



Complete and submit the electronic form on the website – HERE. One of our consultants will typically reply within 24 hours and guide you through the application process.


  • Water
  • Weekly cleaning of common areas (additional for bachelor units)
  • DSTV in recreation room
  • Uncapped WiFi
  • Capped electricity


  • Food
  • Electricity additional to capped amount – prepaid power meters are installed in each cluster.
  • Laundry – per load or per advance payments plans: e.g. monthly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • Parking open or covered


  • Bed and mattress with space for storage under bed
  • Waterproof mattress protector – supplied on arrival and compulsory to use at all times. If you lose the one supplied by Educata, you can purchase another at the Facility Office, Block B L1-04
  • Curtains
  • Built-in study desk
  • Chair
  • 2 Built-in bookshelves
  • Built-in double door, ceiling-high cupboard


  • Curtains
  • 3-seater bench
  • 4 Chairs
  • Coffee table
  • 4-Plate stove
  • Communal fridge
  • Communal microwave

Since clusters/units are self-catering, students are reminded to bring the following items:

  • Kettle, and toaster – it may be worth purchasing after arrival, or speaking to cluster mates before arrival, in order to avoid multiples
  • 1 small lock for the grocery cupboard
  • Fan
  • Steam iron
  • Bed lamp
  • Bedding, i.e. sheets, blanket/duvet cover, pillow
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking utensils
  • Clusters are spacious and students may bring additional furniture, e.g. lounge suites and study chairs, personal fridges.

Each residence is a Live-and-Learn facility, structured to be conducive to the study environment. Room placements are therefore done according to study direction, year of study and personality traits.

You can however, choose if there is/are one or more persons you would like to share with that have also applied to your residence, you can indicate your request to share with them clearly at the top of the application form and management will endeavour to accommodate these requests if received in time.

You may also swap rooms/clusters within the first month of moving in, but ONLY after informing management and completing a room movement form (even if you are just moving to another room in the same cluster). Any moving or swapping without management’s prior written consent will result in a R500 fine for each party involved in the unauthorised changing/swapping of rooms.

There are two 6-storey buildings on the premises, Block A and Block B.

Block A (Amelia): Female Only

Amelia fully occupies Block A, and the entire building is for female students only.

Block B (Bell): Mixed Gender

Occupied by Veritas Men’s Annex, Educata private male and female students and
the official Toyota Cheetah Institute of Excellence players.

Note, we do NOT offer mixed gender clusters, clusters are entirely male or female.

Approximately 170m from the university turnstile and 350m from the university’s hospital

Yes, the safety of our students is a high priority. Each building is secured by electric perimeter fencing, monitored cctv cameras throughout, biometric and smartphone app access, as well as totally lockable clusters, rooms, and cupboards. There are also 24/7 roaming security guards and armed response.

No. Same as for university residences and any other private accommodation, students are responsible for insuring their personal possessions.

Please refer to the pricelist – this is updated annually.

Students are required to leave their cluster/room in the same condition as they found it. At the end of your lease, you need to book an exit inspection with a representative of your residence at the student affairs office. The inspection must be made for your day of departure and the booking must be made at least 1 week prior to your departure date. Please note that your room needs to be packed up and clean for this inspection. Your deposit/or part thereof in the event there is a damage cost to be deducted, will be refunded by 31 January of the following year, only if proper exit procedures were followed.

A written letter must be submitted with 20 working days’ notice to blocka@fttbloem.co.za for Amelia (FTT Block A), to blockb@fttbloem.co.za for Bell and to veritasannex@fttbloem.co.za for Veritas Annex. Full rental is payable up to the end of this notice period, plus 75% of the outstanding balance of the contract value for the full contract period.

This depends on how well you manage your usage, the capped amount supplied by FTT is ample, but you may have to top up where usage is less conservative.

The laundry facility is manned, and we offer a full wash, dry and fold service including washing powder and fabric softener. There are various payment options available, e.g. per load, per month, per half-year or per year. You will be allocated a specific weekday. If you have washing powder and/or fabric softener preferences, you can supply your own. Your washing must be clearly marked and dropped off in a clearly marked washing basket and collected within 24hrs. If you want to pay per wash, tokens must be purchased at the Facility Office Block B – L1-04, between 08h00 and 16h00 on weekdays only.

Students may request printing at the facility office between 08h00 and 16h00 on weekdays only. Prices are available on request.

Students have access to free uncapped WiFi and each cluster is provided with its own router.


Marissa Laing
Facility Office, B L1-04
Tel: 051 436 1621
Cell: 064 621 9199
Email: blocka@fttbloem.co.za



Ezeth Jooste and Hester Potgieter
Facility Office, B L1-04
Tel: 051 436 1621
Cell: 063 830 6857
Email: veritasannex@fttbloem.co.za


Bell (Managed by Finishing Touch Trading 592)

Ezeth Jooste and Hester Potgieter
Facility Office, B L1-04
Tel: 051 436 1621
Cell: 063 830 6857
Email: blockb@fttbloem.co.za

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00

General maintenance

Please send an email with any maintenance-related issues, and clearly mark the subject with your surname, name, cluster and room number and short description of the problem to maintenanceb@fttbloem.co.za (Bell: Educata and Veritas Men’s Annex) or maintenancea@fttbloem.co.za (Amelia Female residence and Annex).

Emergency during office hours: Mon – Fri 08h00 to 17h00

Chaney Niemand
Office Manager – Facility Office, B L1-04
051- 436 1621
Cell: 066 019 2293

Emergency after hours
Please contact your head student, cluster leader or floor leader and they will contact the appropriate person. Always make sure you have these contact details on your phone. Alternatively you can report it to Security.

To the resident head, the facility manager, your head student, the prim or your tutor in your pso. All first-year students are assigned a mentor (senior student) who assists them with registration, academic needs, or any questions they may have.

Once a week on a specific day for a specific floor, the schedule will be up on the notice boards per floor and at the facility office.

Ask your head student or your mentor for assistance, they will give you all the information regarding campus activities.

Every floor has a head student and the details are on the notice board of that floor and at the facility office.

Yes, we have a dining room on the 6th floor and have a long-standing arrangement with a catering company to deliver pre-booked meals to our premises. This service is not managed directly by us, you will need to contact the caterer to sign up:

Meal of the day

Chantelle Venter

084 614 7974

You may not affix anything to any walls/doors in your bedroom or anywhere in your cluster without the prior written consent of management.

We have limited parking bays (both open and undercover) as the demand is extremely high. Senior students and renewals get preference. A yearly fee is payable upfront with allocation on a first-come-first-served basis after application and payment for the year have been received. If you do not apply early for parking, we may not be able to provide you a parking bay.

No, only you may enter the parking in your own vehicle if you are registered for parking and received your access authorisation on the parking app. The access is logged by the app and using your app to open for someone else is not allowed. This may be inconvenient, but this system is in place to ensure the safety of our students.

Amelia and Veritas will take part in team sports.

Arndt 6 Bachelor units: No vacation where registration (renewal documentation and first payment) for the next academic year is in place.

Bell Clusters: All items must be removed during the December/January holidays as maintenance/repairs and a deep clean takes place over this period. If you want to leave your items over the December/January holidays, you must already be registered (renewal contract and first payment) for the next academic year, or it will be assumed that you are not returning and your belongings will be removed.

If you will be returning, you must however pack away all loose items, clean out and switch the fridges off and remove all perishables from your room/cluster– this needs to be done during June recess as well if you will be away. If there is urgent maintenance that needs to be done during recess/holiday periods, you will be informed beforehand in order for management to conduct these repairs.

We can supply a storage area for some of your possessions (no valuables) only if they are packed in crates/boxes and marked clearly. For students who live far away, a special arrangement will be made, but you must obtain permission before leaving your belongings with us.

Yes, you may, prior arrangement must be made with the Facility Head for holiday and recess periods stay.

No, we do not, but students usually arrange this amongst each other.

Only oil heaters are allowed. NO OPEN ELEMENT HEATERS. If you have a heater in your room and your cluster mates do not, you will have to contribute proportionally more to the electricity usage of the cluster.

House meetings are kept as short and to the point as possible. They are only held if there is the need to relay important information to all.

Yes, send an email request for information regarding the settlement discount to:

Amelia: blocka@fttbloem.co.za
Veritas: veritasannex@fttbloem.co.za
Bell (Educata Block B) Private Accommodation: blockb@fttbloem.co.za

The discount depends on when you settle your account and in what proportion.